The Summer and Fall of Wedding Trees

Sarah's Wedding Tree

I spent this summer and fall making some ‘wedding trees’ for a few lovely marriages this year. This tree substitutes for the traditional wedding guest books where guests would sign their names and leave a small message. Instead, on this bare tree, guests leave a thumbprint and sign their initials or name underneath. In the process of completion, it looks a bit like this:

Wedding Thumbprint Tree

And eventually, like this:

Long Shot of Sarah's Wedding Thumbprint Tree

I did a second, which was part of a tree themed wedding! I do not have photos of the completed tree with thumbprints, but the tree as I gave it to the bride and groom looked like this:

Thumbprint Wedding Tree In Sepia

Detail of Name Calligraphy on Wedding Thumbprint Tree

Detail of the Thumbprint Tree Trunk

Close Detail of Thumbprint Wedding Tree

They were all so much fun to draw and a greater joy to see completed and loved by the married couple.

3 Responses to “The Summer and Fall of Wedding Trees”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    What a great idea and how beautiful it comes out.

  2. cecily Says:

    Thanks Jennifer!

  3. Mom Says:

    Unique idea, beautifully executed….

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