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Not only have I physically moved my location in the world, I’m going to be moving my blog, I think, over to a free site on WIX for the time being.  I’m still playing with it to see if I can port the work I’ve done for my masters degree on WIX to here or visa versa.

Summer Commission #2

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The first wedding tree is finished (more pictures soon)


Pen and ink drawing of Birch trees.

Heather And Dan Tree

and the second is underway and going fairly well.

Prismacolor Pencil

Prismacolor Pencil




Body Art Over Tea

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While at Dobra Tea, I asked if I could draw something on the beautiful Feeding On Wind.  She agreed and a jellyfish emerged.


Ink Drawn Tattoo

Drawing with a surgical ink pen.

Tattoo photo

Drawing with a surgical ink pen.

Tattoo ink drawing

Drawing with a surgical ink pen.

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Back to Commissions

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It’s summer for me, now that classes have ended.  So … onward to commissions.

Here’s some sketches for one I’m working on for a wedding certificate.  The image will flank both sides of a large piece of illustration board and will eventually be rendered in color … I’m still working on the design and layout.

2014-04-28 16.04.12 2014-04-28 16.04.24 2014-04-28 16.05.52 2014-04-28 16.06.41 2014-04-28 16.07.03

Study Break

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Quick Drawing of a Barn Owl

A little time to draw

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What with The Hobbit part 2 out and about in the world I did a little sketch in this quiet moment before classes start again.

The Summer and Fall of Wedding Trees

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Sarah's Wedding Tree

I spent this summer and fall making some ‘wedding trees’ for a few lovely marriages this year. This tree substitutes for the traditional wedding guest books where guests would sign their names and leave a small message. Instead, on this bare tree, guests leave a thumbprint and sign their initials or name underneath. In the process of completion, it looks a bit like this:

Wedding Thumbprint Tree

And eventually, like this:

Long Shot of Sarah's Wedding Thumbprint Tree

I did a second, which was part of a tree themed wedding! I do not have photos of the completed tree with thumbprints, but the tree as I gave it to the bride and groom looked like this:

Thumbprint Wedding Tree In Sepia

Detail of Name Calligraphy on Wedding Thumbprint Tree

Detail of the Thumbprint Tree Trunk

Close Detail of Thumbprint Wedding Tree

They were all so much fun to draw and a greater joy to see completed and loved by the married couple.

A little something

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Why a peach? I don’t know. Actually, I do. My eyes are, according to the new doctor I’ve seen have a hard time processing reds and greens; effectively a low-grade red-green color blindness. Tonight, anything I looked at that was red drove my brain into a tizzy, which I blame largely on being very, very ill with a head cold. Nonetheless, I tried to think of something that grows in a typical garden that wasn’t entirely red. Hence, a peach.

Why fruit? The person who is getting this in a Secret Santa give-away, is in the process of getting ready to rebuild her garden next spring.

I also blame the HORRIFIC script at the bottom on this dreadful cold.

K-2 Alex Wilhite Project

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My American Sign Language and Art class looked at Alex Wilhite’s oil paintings while learning how to describe the weather in ASL. They:

  1. chose what kind of weather they wanted to draw
  2. drew clouds and landscape in pencil
  3. masked the clouds with carefully torn masking tape
  4. filled in the sky with more than one color that matched the sort of weather they wanted to describe
  5. filled in the ground with more than one color as well – they were encouraged to look at Wilhite’s paintings for ideas on how to use the colors
  6. lifted the masking tape off to reveal their fluffy clouds

I think they did just fine.

Grade K -2 Alex Whilhite

Grade K -2 Alex Whilhite

Grade K -2 Alex Whilhite

Grade K -2 Alex Whilhite

Grade K -2 Alex Whilhite

Grade K -2 Alex Whilhite

Grade K -2 Alex Whilhite

Bunnies, and Zombies, and Bunnies, OH MY!

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I’ve been out of work for a bit with shoulder surgery so it’s PRINT SALE TIME!*

Now with FOXES! Fire and Ice

I have prints of my rabbit breed cards which you can buy individually or as a set of five. Each card has my name, the series and my website on the back so you can send it as a card or frame it as a gift. They are 5″ x 7″, printed on high quality art paper, and easy to frame.


Bunny Breed Cards


Front and Back of Bunny Breeds

I also have this adorable zombie which will come and eat your brains .. or a friend’s brains. Also 5″ x 7″ and on beautiful art paper. I will sign and personalize these for you at your request.

Li'l Zombie

Lastly, this very, very happy bunny which is from a series of Rabbit Emotions I made for the magical and very talented Kris Dresen. This happy lapin is printed at 5″ x 7″ and on lovely art paper as well.

WOOT! Bunny

If you click the BUY NOW button below it will give you options as to what print you would like to buy and how many.

Fire and Ice Foxes!
One more print available for you fox enthusiasts.

Foxes Ditych


Blue Fox detail

This diptych is sold as a set, one fire fox and one icy fox. Just like the others, they’re sold on 5″ x 7″ high-quality art paper, signed and with a printed back like the bunny cards. I can personalize them, just add a note in the special instructions when you go through PayPal.

Help an artist. Click a button. Get something beautiful for your home.

The drop-down menu has two prices for bunny prints – $10.00 ea. for an individual card and then a price for all five cards. If you select an individual breed, please make a note of it in the Special Instructions when you pay through PayPal.

Print Types

* All of these images are printed on 300gsm paper that is a lovely, natural white. You can check out this fantastic paper here: Entrada Rag